Marketing Methods for Small Business - List

marketing methods for small business

There are many Free and Paid Options for you to market your product or website - listed below is just a few.

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Free Sales / Marketing Methods List:

  1. Direct Sales (eg Cold-Calling, Phone / telemarketing, etc)
  2. Flyers / Pamphlets
  3. Articles ( attract new visitors, & therefore potential customers...)
  4. Tweets & other Social Media
  5. Bookmarking Websites
  6. Web Directories (free)
  7. Social Media - Promote your website or product to your friends and family, or have your own Facebook page and followers set up for you to market to. If you don't already have one, can create one for you that is professional and fast. You can also buy followers and other web traffic services from
  8. Coupon websites (offer a coupon discount...)
  9. Banners (placed on YOUR website, and if available to you, also placed on friends, family, and associates websites - perhaps even your accountant, dentist or other service-professional might do a banner-swap with you if you ask them nicely....)
  10. Competitions
  11. Community Notice Boards (offline AND online versions...) - Note: For offline notice boards you will need to get some flyers or brochures created and then printed.....
  12. SELL banner ad space on your site (....we suggest to sell cheaply in order to earn yourself some easy cash QUICKLY, and also to attract the buyers attention, but it's your call - charge whatever price you think your particular niche market will support).
  13. Banner Exchange
  14. Link Exchange
  15. Do Guest Blogging on other websites (and include a back-link to your website in your Guest Blog article's signature)
  16. Accept Guest Blogging on your site to attract free traffic to your site (note: this probably only works well if the guest blogger is worthy eg:  has a reputation, or large following, etc. Don't forget that you are also potentially losing some traffic out of your website via the guest bloggers signature with a back-link to their own website... )
  17. Testimonials and Reviews - Why not ask your current customers for some reviews on all your products and or services? - These testimonials are great and they will help to sell your product or service probably more than you realise. You can also use them in your other marketing efforts too.


Paid Sales / Marketing Methods List:

  1. Paid Advertising - General - Google, etc
  2. Paid Advertising on Social Media - Facebook, etc
  3. Paid Advertising in Local Directories (eg: Yellow Pages, etc)
  4. Paid Advertising in Local Newspapers (print and online editions)
  5. Paid Directory Listings - Online Directories
  6. Paid Directory Listings - Offline Directories
  7. Hire Telemarketers / Telemarketing Company - You can hire a team of telemarketers to promote and sell your products / services for you (Note: you will often be promoting a special offer which is available to consumers only via the telemarketer's promotion.... this "exclusivity" and the "sense of getting a good deal" helps the telemarketer to entice potential customers - We recommend that your telemarketing offer should be good enough to entice potential customers to commit to your offer  "On the spot" ....)
  8. Press Releases.
  9. (Paid) Product Reviews. You can hire companies that will find people willing to review your product or service.
  10. (Paid) Testimonials. As above, you can hire companies that will find people willing to provide reviews of products or services.