Here are a just few of the most popular Twitter Tools, applications & services that online businesses or bloggers can use to manage their Twitter tweets, lists & accounts.

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Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
TweetDeck - Twitter Tool


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Tweetdeck is a great looking downloadable Twitter Tool / application that you can use to tweet from your (Windows, Linux or Apple Mac) desktop, plus has Tweetdeck Directory.

Tweetdeck Developers Description: "TweetDeck is the leading browser for the real-time and social web, allowing users to connect with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace."




Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
Assetize    Developers Description: "Assetize is a Twitter Monetization Network"

Advertisers and Agencies: Reach Your Target Audience:


  • Customer Targeting
  • Easy Campaign Creation
  • Performance Analytics

Publishers and Tweeters: Monetize Your Twitter Accounts:


  • Content Sourcing
  • Click Analytics
  • Daily Earning Updates



Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets


Base (free) Features

  • Schedule tweets— Plan, set & forget. SocialOomph will monitor the Twitter tweet stream and periodically email you a digest of the tweets that contain those keywords. You can also use this to track your @replies.
  • Extended Twitter profiles — Promote yourself . Save and reuse drafts - Save hours of typing
  • Save draft tweets, frequently used text snippets and URLs and reuse them in your scheduled tweets. Save a draft once and use it as a template for updates on Twitter and StatusNet accounts, plus other types of accounts for Professional users.
  • Send DMs to new followers — Automate. Send a nice non-promotional DM to new followers that focus on them and your future interaction with them, or simply to thank them for choosing to follow you.
  • URL shortening — Track those clicks. Add your URL shortening account details to your SocialOomph profile, and SocialOomph will shorten your links with it so that you can track the clicks on all your links.
  • Follow those who follow you — Automatically follow people who follow you and save a ton of time while your Friends list builds itself.
  • Unfollow those who unfollow you — Automatically unfollow someone when they unfollow you if that is how you prefer to manage your Friends list.
  • Vet new followers — Semi-automation. Even though you've selected to auto follow new followers, SocialOomph will interrupt the process for 72 hours and give you an opportunity to manually review new followers and decide if you want to follow, ignore, or block each new follower.
  • View @Mentions & Retweets - Efficiency. With more than one Twitter or StatusNet account it can become a real chore to keep track of your @mentions and everyone who has retweeted your tweets.
  • Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy. You will probably agree that it's a bit of a pain to manually delete DMs from your Inbox, especially since they accumulate so quickly. You can run a purge on your Inbox to delete everything, or DMs older than 7 days, or DMs older than 30 days (not available on StatusNet accounts because their API cannot delete DMs).
  • Secure Twitter access — No password required. SocialOomph uses Twitter's secure OAuth method to access your Twitter account. That means you never have to give SocialOomph your Twitter password.
  • Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine. Grab your own personal 140-character tweet scheduling engine and RSS feed. You can schedule and publish tweets that don't go to Twitter, they go to your personal tweet stream, which is available in RSS, XML and Javascript formats.
  • Respect StatusNet site limits — Some StatusNet site owners set update limits, such as a maximum of 20 updates every 10 minutes, per user account. Our system fully respects those limits and will not allow you to schedule tweets more frequently than what the site owner will allow.
  • Unlimited accounts — No charge



  • Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets

    Doesn't require signing up - If you have a Twitter account, you already have an account on Twaitter.

  • Scheduled & Recurring Tweets - allows you to delay posting your tweets until a later time or set up recurring schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Has a translator tool that allows you to send your tweets in any language, plus built-in spell check, translator & URL Shortener.
  • RSS Feed Manager - Register your blog or business RSS feed & have new posts automatically sent to Twitter
  • Manages Multiple Accounts: Manage multiple accounts through one log in, log in & out of multiple accounts with one click, invite members of your team to join your Twitter accounts, grant access to your account to other Twitter users in your company.
  • Now with PingFM - allows you to post to multiple social network accounts such as Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, Hi5 & more
  • Calender



Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets

  • Feed your blog (via RSS) to Twitter, Facebook & more.
  • Track your feeds & view your stats in real-time.




Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets

CoTweet is a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter. CoTweet is now a part of "ExactTarget" (interactive marketing campaigns)

  • Monitor keywords & trends - Twitter search is seamlessly integrated within the CoTweet interface.
  • Multiple accounts & multiple users - Manage up to five twitter accounts through a single CoTweet login
  • Assignments - Assign updates to your colleagues for follow up
  • On Duty Notifications - Share the responsibility of being on duty. Get email notifications when updates are sent to your Twitter accounts.



See also HootBar extension for FireFox & Chrome web browsers (below)

  • Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets

    Brand Monitoring - Find out what people are saying about your brand right now

  • Personalized view - Organize your Twitter streams into tabs & columns. Personalize the layout the way you want it.
  • Embed Columns - Grab code from HootSuite to easily embed search columns into your website
  • Social Networks - Manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or accounts in one easy to use interface
  • iPhone Application - Schedule tweets, add lists & track stats with the HootSuite iPhone app.
  • Track Statistics - Link statistics & visualizations
  • Team Workflow - HootSuite makes it easy to manage multiple users over various Twitter accounts
  • Schedule Tweets - Provide content to your followers any time of day using HootSuite tweet scheduler
  • Twitter Lists - Import your existing lists or create new ones & manage them through HootSuite.


HootBar (formerly TwitterBar)
HootBar (formerly "TwitterBar") from HootSuite allows you to post messages to Twitter and other social networks from the Firefox address bar. Just type your tweet in the address bar and click the HootBar icon to send it to Twitter. You can also post the URL of the page you're currently reading by clicking the HootBar icon in the address bar.


Seesmic   Various platforms available: Web platform, Desktop platforms with plugins, plus versions to use on Android & Blackbery mobile devices.


Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
Seesmic Web

Seesmic Web:

  • Seesmic Web is a web application helping to easily manage and build your community directly in your browser. You can now be connected to your Twitter community from home, school, work, or, actually, everywhere you might need it! Process your messages in an email-like interface, view and add to your Twitter lists and save your searches synced with Twitter.


Seesmic Desktop:

  • Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
    Seesmic Desktop

    Build your community in one central place with Seesmic Desktop, which integrates both Twitter and Facebook.

  • Manage multiple accounts, Facebook and Facebook Pages. Multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook updates appear together in one single, easy-to-follow column. Access Facebook Pages and administer posts and comments if you are the owner.
  • Create Saved Searches: Manage your brand (both personal and business) and hear what people are saying about you by creating search columns. Quickly respond to users, stay engaged, and strengthen your community.
  • Access to Twitter Lists: Access your lists created on Twitter. Create columns, control your views and quickly respond and stay connected.


Seesmic for Windows:

Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
Seesmic for Windows OS
  • A preview version of a feature-rich native app, Seesmic for Windows combines the best features of Seesmic's ever-popular social application and provides it to you in a Windows environment.


Seesmic Look:

  • Seesmic Look:  Optimized interface for Windows 7. Beginners learning to understand real-time can stay engaged and connected without even logging into Twitter, while experienced users can take advantage of Look's powerful features in creative and imaginative ways


Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets
Seesmic for BlackBerry

Seesmic for BlackBerry:

  • Seesmic brings you the ability to manage your Twitter account on the go using your BlackBerry mobile device. Seesmic for BlackBerry provides you with the ability view your friend's status updates in an interface that is familiar and inspired by BlackBerry's own native applications.





Twitter Tools & Services To Manage Your Tweets

Twitter multi account manager & brand monitor.For heavy & corporate users.

  • Advertise at Splitweet: With 107.000 visits every month it is very easy to reach your audience.
  • Banner Design: Don't you have a design? Splitweet can design the banner for you!
  • Mac Users: If you are a Mac user, you can run Splitweet as an application using


More Twitter Tools, Services & Applications for managing Twitter accounts: - is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!
Twitter API -

Atebits - - Twitter clients (interfaces) for Mac & iPhone