Update On Our Site’s Progress, New Features, Articles

Update On Our Site’s Progress, New Features, Articles

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Update On Our Site’s Progress, New Features, ArticlesUpdate On Website Progress, New Features...

Well, it's been a while since I've had two minutes to myself to write a new blog entry, plus I've injured my arm & I'm supposed to be resting it (yeah, right - maybe tomorrow.....) so I thought I'd take some time today to write in our blog & bring our readers up to date on all the developments that have been going on behind the scenes lately....

I've been installing additional new features to the website  & we hope to have our new Video library available online any day now,  ( see "Videos & Tutorials" side menu link for additional quick menu links to various video categories) in which we will be adding tutorials, product reviews and other useful videos as we find them, (and even some humorous or entertaining ones, too - as life can't be all work!!).

I've also been very busy with an avalanche of software updates - so my apologies for any inconveniences caused whilst that was / is being done. We are also still working on our BIS Web Directory (software configuration & setup), however that has proven to be quite challenging - alternative software was even purchased in desperation, but unfortunately the (very expensive & hugely popular) replacement turned out to be a huge disappointment  - and lacking quite a few essential features such as CAPTCHA etc, including the most essential - a payment processing/function!! (goodness me, how on earth do some of these products become so iconic & popular?)... Mind you, it looked nice & it had a tonne of (non-essential) features...

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I've been adding quite a few more (original) articles to the website too, & I recommend reading the one about some useful free tools that I personally have found invaluable whilst working on the website & website design: 3 Great (Free) Tools For Webmasters & Web Design (for Windows operating systems only) and which you can find in in our BIS Articles section.

I've also added a link where you can read through all of our BIS Tips - Complete List (which are also displayed randomly one-at-a-time on our homepage) in one place - they are just useful little tips that I've learnt over the years, & there's currently only nine or so, but more will be added in future.

And that's about all I can think of actually! (I'm a bit tired - no-one would believe the massive amount of hours we've been putting into the website to get it even to this stage - I've come to the conclusion that people who claim you can make it rich on the net yet only work a few hours a week are either lying or criminals!! lol - do not believe them!!! but I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to be doing anything else other than what I'm doing).

Take care,


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