The Social Media Marketing Myth – And How To Succeed At It!

The Social Media Marketing Myth – And How To Succeed At It!

(Includes Link To Free Downloadable Report) A large part of the appeal of the social media “explosion” was that it was supposed to be a faster, cheaper and easier form of marketing than traditional marketing. Another was that anyone could do it. All you had to do was put out a few tweets or set up a Facebook page and then the money would come rolling in…… The internet is slowly becoming a lot like the old, traditional media – where only the slick performers with huge marketing budgets are being heard above all the noise. Unless small businesses and blogs can afford to outsource, or learn to do it themselves, they face being left out in the cold……

Pinterest 101 for Small Business

Pinterest 101 for Small Business

Everyone seems to be talking about Pinterest lately, so I thought I’d put together a very brief outline of it and what it does etc for those of you who are still not sure what it is, or whether it’s something you need/want or not….. Also includes video tutorial on using Pinterest for business……

Article: Stunning Halloween Wallpapers

Stunning Halloween Wallpapers

We’ve scoured the net & found some of the most stunning Halloween Wallpapers for you to get into the festive mood. Besides, what is Halloween without Halloween wallpapers on your website, desktop or some spooky decoration for your iPhone?

Happy Halloween by Gabzilla

Best Halloween Images, Vectors & Elements

Want to dress up your website with something spooky for Halloween? To help you set the scary mood we have scoured the net & found some of the most beautiful free or inexpensive (under USD $1 ) Halloween images, vectors, & elements…..

Article - 3 Great (Free) Tools For Webmasters & Web Design

3 Great (Free) Tools For Webmasters & Web Design

There are lots of great tools available today that can really make life easier for webmasters & web designers. If you are building, running or managing your own website, then you too should try some of them as they will really help speed up your work & you will wonder how you ever managed without them……

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