Your PC In Your Pocket With Portable Apps - Article

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Your PC In Your Pocket With Portable Apps - Software Review

"Portable Apps" is 100% FREE, and is like an operating system for your USB drive or any type of portable storage device. It provides a user-friendly interface similar to windows which makes it easy to find, organize & manage large amounts of data on portable drives.

You can install add-ons to the core program (called "Portable Apps Menu"), such as anti-virus scanner, zip utility, backup, portable office suite, calendar, portable Firefox & Thunderbird, and even games like poker and Sudoku - the range of free add-ons is quite impressive & far too extensive to list here.

Portable Apps is an Open Source platform which works with any hardware (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc). The entire platform is built around an open format that any hardware or software provider can use.

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The mobile email application in particular is very useful for anyone running a small business as they allow you to send and retrieve emails wherever you are and from any computer (and all stored in one location, too). Another benefit from surfing the web via a web-browser on your USB is that your collection of bookmarks can be carried with you & used on any computer.

I've used Portable Apps for over two years now, and in that time the program has gained in both reputation & popularity & has won many awards. Its a great little application with a slick-looking interface, is easy to use, and now that USBs have increased in storage capacity this program makes the task of keeping 1000's of USB stored-files tidy a breeze.

Oh, and another bonus - it's completely free (plus contains no advertisements, spy-ware, & it's a full version rather than limited or trial. You also (currently) don't even have to register or provide an email address etc in order to download it.)

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