The Social Media Marketing Myth – And How To Succeed At It!

The Social Media Marketing Myth – And How To Succeed At It!

(Includes Link To Free Downloadable Report) A large part of the appeal of the social media “explosion” was that it was supposed to be a faster, cheaper and easier form of marketing than traditional marketing. Another was that anyone could do it. All you had to do was put out a few tweets or set up a Facebook page and then the money would come rolling in…… The internet is slowly becoming a lot like the old, traditional media – where only the slick performers with huge marketing budgets are being heard above all the noise. Unless small businesses and blogs can afford to outsource, or learn to do it themselves, they face being left out in the cold……

Huge Ping Services List

Huge Ping Services List

If you have a blog or you write original articles for your site, a good way to attract FREE TRAFFIC to your website is to notify sites that are looking for useful or interesting articles…. An easy way to do this is to use Pinging Services…

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