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How to (Easily) Secure Your WordPress Website

If you own or manage a WordPress Blog or Website, then you probably already know that hackers have been targeting WordPress blogs worldwide…Approximately 30 MILLION WordPress blogs are estimated to have fallen victim in this latest attack. This article explains what you can do to better secure your WordPress website, and the cure is not only quite simple to implement, but it’s also 100% FREE!

Tweet This WordPress Plugin Fix for 401 Error Message Problem

Tweet This WordPress Plugin Fix for 401 Error Message Problem

(Updated Jan 2013). It seems that quite a few other people who use the Tweet This plugin are getting the same error message, and some have even abandoned this (really great) plugin for something else. But I knew it wasn’t the plugin as it was still working brilliantly on all the other sites I manage, and so I dug around and I found a “fix” …..

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