Online Store Checklist – Checklists to Manage Your Online Store

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Online Store Checklist

Checklists help us to stay organized and leave nothing out. PrestaShop have compiled a smart checklist comprising a list of tasks that are truly important for running an online business and divided them by how frequently they should be completed. We have reproduced them here for your convenience. These downloadable lists will help prioritize your daily activities to more effectively run your online business.

The checklists are broken down by frequency – daily, weekly, and monthly. PrestaShop then went a step further by organizing the lists by business function. They are listed in order of importance below:

  • Operations (keep your online store running)
  • Customer Service (addresses any problems / issues from customers)
  • User Experience (UX) (update your site to be more user friendly)
  • Collect Data (actively gather information)
  • Plan (schedule for upcoming events)
  • Analyze (draw conclusions from the data you’ve collected)

Online Store Checklist -  Daily Checklist:

The daily checklist should be completed… well every day. They should also be completed in the order listed below. Although collecting data ranks lower in importance than operations and customer service, these tasks are relatively easy to complete. Get to them first thing in the morning, or you probably won’t get to them later.

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√  €Read Industry-Related News                                                                COLLECT DATA
√  €Read News About Your Online Store                                                  COLLECT DATA
√  Jot Down Any Ideas / Problems With Site                                        COLLECT DATA
√  Manage Logistics (Fulfill, Process, Package, and Ship Orders)       OPERATIONS
√  €Read And Reply To Customer Service Emails                       CUSTOMER SERVICE
√  €Participate / Post Content on Social Media                            CUSTOMER SERVICE
√  Read / Address Customer Comments (on Social Media)     CUSTOMER SERVICE

Online Store Checklist -  Weekly Checklist:

The weekly checklist should be completed on the day you experience the slowest sales. If you operate from Monday – Friday, aim for any day midweek. This way, you allow yourself plenty of time that day to complete both the weekly and daily checklists.

√  €Fulfill Orders From Other Marketplaces                                             OPERATIONS
€    √  Track Your Shipments                                                                              OPERATIONS
€    √  Process Returns / Exchanges                                                                  OPERATIONS
€    √  (If Multi-currency) Update Exchange Rates                                      OPERATIONS
€    √  Restock / Reorder Inventory & Supplies                                              OPERATIONS
€    √  Balance Books / Accounting Tasks (Trust me, don’t put it off)     OPERATIONS
€    √  Follow Up with Referrals                                                            CUSTOMER SERVICE
√  €Test Checkout Process (All Payment Processors)                                                   UX
€    √  Test Product Filters (Should Produce Accurate Results)                                     UX
€    √  Test All Links (No 404 Error Pages)                                                                         UX
€    √  Test Search to Improve Intelligent Search                                                             UX
√  Test Responsiveness on Mobile Devices                                                                    UX
€    √  Test Ecommerce Store on All Browsers                                                                    UX
√  €Test Each Product Category (Should Have Products)                                         UX
€    √  Review Sales                                                                                                       ANALYZE
€    √  Review your Marketing / Sales Initiatives                                               ANALYZE

Online Store Checklist - Monthly Checklist:

The monthly checklist should not be completed on a specific day but instead distributed throughout the month. When distributing tasks, group them by function – this way you’re completing similar tasks. The most important function on the monthly checklist is planning. Also important this month is analyzing sales data – which helps you plan.

√  Plan Upcoming Sales (include Important Shopping Dates)                PLAN
√  Plan Advertising / Marketing (for month)                                              PLAN
√  Outline Social Media Posts (for month)                                                     PLAN
√  Review Sales                                                                                             ANALYZE
€    √  Define Best Sellers                                                                                   ANALYZE
€    √  Define Poor Sellers                                                                                  ANALYZE
√  Forecast Sales                                                                                           ANALYZE
√  Note Top Customers                                                                               ANALYZE
√  Update Newsletter Subscription Email List                             OPERATIONS
√  Check Competitor Pricing                                                         COLLECT DATA
√  Subscribe to More Competitor Emails                                   COLLECT DATA
√  Ask for Feedback on your Site                                                  COLLECT DATA
√  Test your Site Speed                                                                                             UX
€    √  Ensure Each Page has a Clear Call to Action (Add to Bag)                       UX
√  Test Email Subscription Banner                                                                      UX
√  €Update Banners to feature Current Sales                                                      UX


BIS Members can download and print the daily, weekly and monthly checklists for FREE to start organizing your ecommerce schedule immediately! (NOTE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THIS SITE AND BE LOGGED IN TO ACCESS OUR DOWNLOADS)

You may share other tactics that help you organize your schedule in the comments below.

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