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Here is the entire collection of (our own, original) BIS tips,  which are also randomly rotated one-by-one in our sidebar widget. We'll be adding more hopefully, as time permits, so be sure to drop back here from time-to-time :-).
You can also submit any great tips of your own via the comment box below or via our Contact us page, and if we like them we'll publish them. They don't have to be only Business Tips per-se, just as long as they are business-related etc (or relevant to our audience).

(Please Note: Only the very best tips will be published.)

BIS Tips - Complete Collection

Random Tip #009: Security Tip #2) – Uninstalling Vulnerable Software Isn”t Enough…!!
“When you learn that you have vulnerable (or simply old or unwanted) software on your website, many inexperienced or new webmasters don”t realise that simply uninstalling it is not enough to prevent a future security risk….. The mere fact there may be files left in your sites database means you might still be open to attack – You must also take the time to remove ALL files or folders from the sites database, if any still exist (you can do this easily via PhpMyAdmin) …”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #008: (Security Tip #1) – Importance of Keeping Software Up-To-Date…
“Many small businesses & “newbies” often overlook one (vital) important ingredient to their sites overall safety – Software Updates. Ensuring all software on the site is kept constantly up-to-date is one of the best security measures you can take. Having old, out-of-date software installed on your site may mean you are vulnerable to hacking & other net nasties, as updates often improve the software”s security features, as well as fixing bugs or adding new features. So what are you waiting for? – get cracking & go update!! …”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #007: A Fast & Easy Way To Re-Configure Software Extensions After Upgrading…
“When upgrading software extensions, a quick and easy & way to re-configure them again is to take a screen-shot of all of the settings before upgrading – then once you have re-installed the upgraded version you can simply refer to the screen-shot & copy all of your previous settings – with complex configurations this can save you a lot of time and frustration, and it means you can upgrade with minimal interruption to your site too …”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #006: SEO Tip – How To Get Free Backlinks To Your Site…
are vital for any website, and they are a huge boost towards your site”s Alexa ranking & Page Ranking status too, however there is a simple & FREE tactic that many overlook – Forum Signatures. Whenever you sign up to a forum, you should ALWAYS take the time to create a signature which includes your (hyperlinked) website URL – then whenever you add a new post, your website gets another backlink! …”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #005: Website Error: White / Blank Pages…
“If you experience white / blank page error on your Joomla! (or WordPress etc) website after upgrading or installing software, it can often mean there is a Php error and is possibly due to a conflict with one or more plugins…. Try disabling any plugins you have recently installed to see if that helps (keep a list of what you are doing, so if it has no effect you can re-enable them). If this doesn’t work, you could also try disabling all the plugins one-by-one…”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #004: Affiliate Program & other Legal Agreements
“When signing up with affiliate programs (or any other such matters that require you sign a legal agreement agreeing to a company”s terms & conditions), it”s a good idea to keep a copy of each individual agreement so that you can easily & quickly refer to it whenever you may need, plus it will also help you to identify which, if any, changes have occurred whenever they are updated in the future…”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #003: Upgrading Website Software
“Before installing or upgrading website extensions or other software, always remember to back up your site first, so that you can “roll back” your site to it”s previous state if there are any problems.
You should have daily “off-site” backups as well (some programs can email your backups to you). It”s a good idea to also keep a “Working Copy” of your site at all times, too, so that you can test out any software before installing it on your live site…”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #002: Writing Articles For Websites
“When writing articles for websites, remember that it is harder to read lots of text without paragraphs on a computer screen compared to printed form. Break the article up into chunks, group the chunks into sections & give them headings. Make it interesting & more enticing by including at least one image. Also, I think it’s good for non-professional writers to write “as you would speak” – makes it more unique….”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com

Random Tip #001: For cleaning old, clogged printer heads
“To save money replacing old or clogged printer-heads, first try this – Remove printer-head. Gently & slowly clean with a cotton wool bud dipped in pure (pharmaceutical grade) alcohol, replacing the bud & repeating until clean, ensuring no cotton-fibers are left behind. Let dry completely. Blow away any remnant fibers. Replace & print a few test pages to see if it has worked…”- KB.

— Business-In-Site.com Team

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