If You Really Want Success, Then What’s (REALLY) Been Stopping You? - image

If You Really Want Success, Then What’s (REALLY) Been Stopping You?

“Make it so today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different forever.” – Anthony Robbins. If you really want something, then why can’t you have it? What is it exactly that is stopping you? (…and yes, there most definitely will be a reason – but you will need to be brave enough to take a honest look at yourself and your current situation to find out what it is exactly that is holding you back……

CSV Lists of Countries

CSV Lists For Countries

I’ve often needed a CSV list of countries to insert into various software programs over the years, and each time had to scramble around the net to find one suitable for the specific application (some software requires a CSV list separated with commas, some with semi-colons, some with nothing on the end, etc etc), and so now I’ve collected them all here in one place to save you the time and effort…

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