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Free Return Shipping: PayPal Refunded Return Shipping Service

PayPal Refunded Returns Shipping Service

You can easily & quickly improve customer confidence and drive sales by promoting PayPal Refunded Return Shipping service on your website. And best of all – it doesn’t cost you anything!…..


Stop Giving S*** Away For Free and Start Feeding Your Family!

Video: Stop Giving S*** Away For Free and Start Feeding Your Family!

Do you find yourself literally working 7 days a week for very little or nothing? Are clients constantly expecting your help, even on week-ends, for very little pay or even worse, nothing at all? Heather Acton shares how she took her WordPress business from free side jobs to a development firm that supports her family of four…..


How To Make Your Own Mini-Ads Widget / Module Using OIO Publisher Plugin

Mini Ads Widget

If you’d seen and admired our OIO Publisher “Mini-Ads” module or are wondering how to make them for your site, then here’s a simple and fast tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions and screenshots…..


How to (Easily) Secure Your WordPress Website

If you own or manage a WordPress Blog or Website, then you probably already know that hackers have been targeting WordPress blogs worldwide…Approximately 30 MILLION WordPress blogs are estimated to have fallen victim in this latest attack. This article explains what you can do to better secure your WordPress website, and the cure is not only quite simple to implement, but it’s also 100% FREE!


When Is The Best Time To Tweet? – This Infographic Tells You…

Ever wondered when is the best time to tweet or to send your auto-tweets out for maximum traffic in return? or how many times you should tweet per hour in order to have the most effective amount of communication with your potential customers? ….


Need New Website or Blog? – Get 20% Off (Limited Time Only) Coupon Best Cheap Website Design

Best Cheap Website Design Launch Promotion - Discount Coupon

Do you need a new website or blog? For a limited time only you can get a whopping 20% off the price of a complete turnkey blog / website from Best Cheap Website Design (their range of Budget Turnkey Blogs come fully complete and ready-to-go with niche articles, images, essential plugins and much more all included). There are currently 18 different styles / niche topics available to choose from…..


0777 Permissions Security Risk – What You Need To Know…

Article - 0777 Permissions Security Risk - What You Need To Know.

Not all webmasters are aware of the risk, or even know if they have 0777 permissions already enabled on files or folders, and certainly not many new webmasters or bloggers will be aware of the risks, or what to do about it…….


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