The Cheat’s Guide To Checking Curl Support….

The Cheat’s Guide To Checking Curl Support….

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The Cheat’s Guide To Checking Curl Support….The Cheat's Guide To Checking Curl Support....

If you've ever wondered how you can check if your server supports Curl and you are not very technical or you are new to website management, here is a "Cheats" guide to do it very easily, quickly & WITHOUT ANY TECHNICAL ABILITY OR KNOWLEDGE!!

It's really simple:


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1./ Create a new article

2./ Copy & paste the following code into the new article:

Copy & paste the code below into Notepad or similar program before inserting into your site, in order to keep the code clean...

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I have added a space between the opening & closing < > in order to display this code without activating it. You will need to remove those spaces for the code to work...)

< ?php

function _iscurlsupported(){
if (in_array ('curl', get_loaded_extensions())) {
return true;
return false;
if (_iscurlsupported()) echo "cURL is supported"; else echo "cURL is NOT supported";

? >


Note: If you are using this php code within a Joomla website (or similar type CMS etc) you will also need a tool to allow you to insert (PHP) code into the Joomla articles - For Joomla sites I can highly recommend the popular free  "Sourcerer" by Peter van Westen (plugin). .   

3./ Give the "Article" a name & assign it to a category
(TIP: I'd also advise that you make it only visible to super administrators & also give it "NO FOLLOW NO INDEX" attributes so that it isn't ever indexed by search-engines.....)

4./ Press "Save"

5./ Go to the front end of your site & view the article you just created, & you will see your answer!

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