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Zemanta – Blogging On Steroids….

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Article - Zemanta Blogging On SteroidsZemanta Blogging ToolZemanta is a tool / service for bloggers that is free, and is available for a variety of website platforms, including WordPress & Joomla (in fact, most if not everyone can use it, as it is also available as a free plug-in for various web-browsers, including FireFox & IE).

What Zemanta does is make the process of creating articles or blogs easier for the author / creator because everything's right there at your fingertips.

  • Need a photo to add to that latest article? No problem, Zemanta will suggest a photograph that will suit the topic of the blog entry.......
  • Need some links to relative articles to complement your story? No problem with that either.........
  • Need help actually writing and putting the article together? Zemanta even helps with that.......

In short,  Zemanta finds related web content & displays them in a sidebar for you to use whilst creating your content....But it doesn't end there - Zemanta even helps with getting your articles distributed on the internet - making it an excellent free marketing tool too - , as a quote from their website explains (I've highlighed some of the really relevant bits):

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"If you are a Zemanta user and writing original content, we will start recommending your posts to other users where appropriate. We won't rank them any lower than other professional media articles, which means they will show up in sidebar recommendations and the frontside '5 more articles' lists. As long as you write stuff that matters, you will start seeing your posts linked-to more often than ever!"

Some recommendations from Zemanta for using the software:

  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and complete sentences.
  • Zemanta works best if you just write naturally.
  • It's also best to write a paragraph or so before expecting too much from the service. After you've composed most of your blog post, then watch as Zemanta automatically updates its recommendations for you.
  • We also suggest that you write about a limited number of topics within the same article.

Watch the video below: "Zemanta In 60 Seconds"  - it was made by the company themselves (........and no, we're not being paid to write about it, nor paid to show the video... I've put it in as I felt you needed to see just what this baby can do for you.....I'm going to try it out for myself too when I get a spare minute......)

Let me know your thoughts on it.

Watch more Zemanta Videos in our BIS Video Gallery (Videos & Tutorials) Section of this site......

(Zemanta Videos can be found in the Website Related Videos >> Blogging Related Videos Category)

Zemanta in 60 Seconds from zemanta on Vimeo.

Download Zemanta plugins or browser extensions here:

There's also a FAQ's page in case you want to read up about it some more:

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