This is a basic guide to often-used or useful HTML Syntax references. It is by no means complete, and is meant as a reference only.

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To prevent the code examples from working on the page (& therefore not being of any use to you as a tutorial....) I have added extra spaces between some of the ends ("< "and "> ")

Important For XHTML 1.0 standards compliance: All tags should be in lowercase.

HTML Syntax Reference

Syntax Examples
Bolded Text - New method < strong>Bolded Text</strong > Bolded Text
Bolded Text - Old method / depreciated < b>Bolded Text</b > Bolded Text
Italicized Text < i>Italicized Text</i > Italicized Text
Deleted Text < d>Deleted Text</d > Deleted Text
Big Text (depreciated - Use H1,H2,H3 etc instead..) < big>Big Text</big > Big Text
H1 Text  - Largest size available(NOTE: The size & color of text is set by your current template/theme settings..) < h1>Your-Text</h1 >


H2 < h2>Your-Text</h2 >


H3 < h3>Your-Text</h3 >


H4 < h4>Your-Text</h4 >


H5 < h5>Your-Text</h5 >
H6 < big>Your-Text</big >
Small Text (depreciated - Use H1,H2,H3 etc instead..) < small>Small Text</small > Small Text
Superscript 2 x 10<sup>6</sup> 2 x 106
Subscript H<sub>2</sub>0 H2O
Hyperlink < a href="">Business-In-Site</a > Business-In-Site
Email Hyperlink < a href=""></a >
Float an image - LEFT Float

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(Note: enter your desired height & widths - number only, eg: width "300")

< img class="alignleft" src="PUT-FULL-IMAGE-URL-HERE.jpg" alt="" width="" height="" /></a > -
Float an image - RIGHT Float

(Note: enter your desired height & widths - number only, eg: width="300")

< img class="alignright" src="PUT-FULL-IMAGE-URL-HERE.jpg" alt="" width="" height="" /></a> -
No Follow Links

(useful for SEO to prevent loss of "link-juice", plus also for affiliate links or paid links etc - to prevent penalization by Google....)

< a rel="nofollow" href="PUT-FULL-URL-LINK-HERE" target="_blank">TITLE OF YOUR LINK</a >- -
Return / Go To Top (of Page or Post, etc) Just add # on the end of the URL - Example: Return to top


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