Free, Automatic Video Delivery & Widgets For Your Site

Free, Automatic Video Delivery & Widgets For Your Site

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Building, creating, updating and maintaining a website is actually a lot of work, 365 days a year, despite what some "Gurus" might otherwise claim.

A good way of reducing the workload is by automating some content delivery from elsewhere, and one way of doing that is to have some widgets on your website that "pull" fresh content for you from other sites & then deliver it to your readers.

Videos are now one of the most popular content items for websites, and the statistical evidence is staggering....

Web Traffic Services


Online Video: Statistics & Facts

According to NewsRoom, a video service provider:

    • Millions of consumers are creating a daily habit of consuming short video clips frequently throughout the day*
    • Over 75 percent of the US Internet Audience views video online – that’s more than 145 million people
    • The average online viewer watched 312 minutes of videos per month in 2009  (5.2hours) – 30% more than in 2008
    • That works out to be about 90 clips per month or 3 clips per day
    • Even more surprising…the average duration of online video is 3.5 minutes!


NewsRoom Widget - Free, Automatic Video Delivery & Widgets For Your Site
NewsRoom Widget - Free, Automatic Video Delivery & Widgets For Your Site

"NewsRoom" widget

"NewsRoom" by Grab Networks (formerly known as "Voxant") provide free widgets (code that you insert into your webpages) which display videos  gathered & streamed from a large number of sources (...there are currently approx. 300+ providers). You simply configure the widget / code to display how you want it to look (selected from a large selection of styles & sizes available), choose what types of videos you want it to display (which you can select from either a pre-selected list of categories or you can create your own playlists...), then you simply insert the generated code into your webpage and you are done.

Another benefit is that the videos provided by NewsRoom should be available for some time (the provider's website says some may expire in a year, some indefinitely) so this also overcomes the problem of videos suddenly disappearing / being removed, as often happens with other sites such as YouTube, and with news videos this can happen within only hours of them being released ( me, I know... I actually searched for & discovered this service because I was sick of having to replenish my news videos after only a few hours.....).

As well as these obvious benefits, you can also earn money just by using this (free) service by signing up to NewsRoom & thereafter you will earn money each time a video is played on your website (...all the videos have advertising included in them - which is no big deal nowadays, as almost everyone has it or is moving to introduce it) , plus you also earn additional money when anyone else signs up to use the service from one of your NewsRoom widgets.

NewsRoom's (Grab Networks’) comprehensive video operating system combined with their 75,000-site strong syndication network means professional video producers and content owners can build profitable virtual networks and generate ad-based revenue from video clips as they are delivered to a far broader audience throughout the Internet and across multiple devices.


Here's a quick summary of the benefits of using NewsRoom:

      • Totally Free to use
      • Time-Saving Resource (no more spending hours & hours to find relevant videos...)
      • Videos are streamed, so no bandwidth costs...
      • Videos remain available for longer than with some other video-sharing sites.....
      • Effectively Self-Maintaining & Automated once set up...
      • Large variety of categories, topics, all in one place.......
      • Visitors love videos, so by providing them you can improve your site's appeal / interest to your visitors...
      • Visitors spending more time on your site improves the chance of you earning money from your visitors by way of sales, membership signups etc.
      • Earn money each time a video is viewed (you are allowed to set players to auto-play, and you get paid for the autoplays)
      • Earn money whenever anyone else signs up to the service via your website's NewsRoom widget
      • Saves you money because you don't have to purchase any software...
      • Saves you money because it requires much less ongoing work & maintenance than manual methods... (and time is money)
      • Weblink:


FREE (Code Insertion) Tools for Joomla:

      • PhoenixBits Insert HTML Editor plugin & button plugin - A (Joomla) HTML insertion tool, to insert code cleanly.
      • Content Templater by Peter Van Westen - a Joomla component to store code snippets & insert it into a post  (excellent product, very easy to use, has an editor button as well which makes inserting your code even easier - and it's FREE)
      • "Jumi" component & module (simply insert code into the Jumi component or alternatively into the jumi module, then publish the module & you're done... - Jumi is also a FREE download & is an excellent product too.)

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