EzineArticles.com Tightens Up It's Content FiltersEzineArticles.com Tightens Up It's Content Filters

For anyone who's serious about writing articles online, there's some new developments and changes going on at EzineArticles.com, the premier article submission website on the Internet today, which you need to be aware of. They've decided enough is enough and are tightening up their content filters even more, and will now be rejecting any articles which are highly derivative works and banning content which is quote:

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"currently in too high of market supply (think “Acai berry” type articles)."

Whilst EzineArticles.com's blog article on this topic primarily is aimed at advising their premium membership submissions of the changes in policy, it will apply to free submissions, too, as the following excerpt explains:

"After much internal debate, we’ve determined that the real issue is the need to reject another 10-20% of low value content (from both Premium and non-Premium members) by tightening up our content filters even more. This is not something new – we tighten up quality standards every single month. But the rate of which we’re tightening down is accelerating."

Whilst this change of policy shouldn't affect or alarm genuine writers who produce quality, authentic articles, it should still be of interest to anyone who's just starting out as they need to be aware of what they should do to comply in order for their articles to be accepted and published on EzineArticles.com. (......and it should mean anyone who's half-decent should now get a better chance of their article being seen, rather than buried in a sea of spammy articles, too........).The EzineArticles blog article on this subject states:

"At risk are articles that are highly derivative based. If you’ve written original articles from your head and didn’t use any software article rewriter, you should have nothing to worry about."

If you'd like to read the full article on this subject posted on the EzineArticles Blog, you can read it here:

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