Article - BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!

BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!

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Article - BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!Well, it's true - We've been caught with our pants down!, so to speak (....and I guess too if you're reading this, then it means my upcoming article on catching readers attention with catchy, innovative titles has been validated... ) but I digress - back to the story of our recent embarrassment.....

You see, only went live about eleven days ago, after much hesitation on my part (as there's still lots more content yet to be added, and I felt there was still nowhere near enough on the site to be of much use to anyone, yet let alone hold their interest) but I gave in eventually, mainly because there are so many things that cannot be done until a site is actually live, such as: Signing up with Google AdSense, affiliate programs, and a million other things....)

I therefore felt uneasy about doing it, but I was assured by someone with a lot more experience than me or my business partner (a very knowledgeable developer who's built & launched quite a few websites before) who resolutely assured us that because we weren't going to be marketing or promoting it whatsoever nor listing it immediately with the search engines etc until we were ready (......all the things that one normally needs to do to get noticed in a sea of millions of websites), that we had nothing to worry about, as, quote "NO-ONE is going to find us, let alone visit us!"........

Web Traffic Services

Well, you can imagine the shock (and delight) that followed when we "unlocked" the site and were almost immediately flooded with a constant stream of visitors and which didn't / hasn't stopped since! (...not to mention the panic and fatigue that has followed as we work almost non-stop to get it to a state that isn't totally embarrassing!).

We still haven't began any marketing or listing with search engines etc yet (....and I won't until I'm satisfied that we're not "naked" anymore...) I'm still in disbelief too at the site's Alexa ranking - currently ranked at #391,869 globally and ranked # 4,610 in Australia, where we are based. Everything I've studied on the matter & expert advice etc had all said that websites normally begin with a global ranking figure of around 20+ Million......

The good news (for us) is that it seems all the hard work and countless hours spent intensely studying SEO techniques, and everything else that we've began implementing & that's needed to achieve such results, has began to pay off already. It is only just the beginning however, and we still have much work ahead, but it proves that you don't need to spend a fortune on advertising or marketing to get noticed (providing you have put in the effort required) and you also don't need to be "shifty", unethical or use the dubious tactics some sites use and are recommending others should follow....

So anyway, many apologies for the less-than-finished / filled site, but please bear with us as we have some great things coming - we even have beautiful original artwork from a professional artist's collection waiting to be digitized for our Free E-Cards (.....the photographs currently on display are just something we quickly "stuck in" so that we could test and perfect the software & settings!!!! - it's still not displaying perfect, by the way.....)

If you're reading this and you'd like to find out what you can do to your website to emulate our results, I'll be writing a few articles on the subject over the next few weeks hopefully that details the various techniques and other things we've done, so please drop by again & visit us in a few weeks or so.

In the meantime, here's an article (see link below) with a list of some simple things you can do which cost little or no money and which you can begin doing immediately to (hopefully) improve your own site's SEO, traffic flow (and Alexa ranking).....

BIS Article - Traffic Ranking and SEO Tips #1

I'll be writing lots more articles in the future on improving traffic, ranking and SEO techniques & in more depth, too, but for now this quick list will have to suffice. Hope it helps!


Web Traffic Services
Web Traffic Services
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