Avast! Anti-Virus Update Problem – Giving Win32: Delf-MZG false warnings

Avast! Anti-Virus Update Problem – Giving Win32: Delf-MZG false warnings

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Avast! Anti-Virus Update Problem – Giving Win32: Delf-MZG false warningsThere seems to be a HUGE problem with the latest update of the Avast! Anti-Virus program, which came out in the last day or so........

It is informing users that they have the Win32: Delf-MZG (Trojan) on their system, and then proceeds to put out warning after warning for a number of applications on the users PC, then the user is informed that they need to do a boot-scan  (......I know this because I had it on my home PCs, and it caused me a lot of problems today, then hours of work spent repairing the mess it caused - the worst thing was that some files it even chose to delete rather than move to the virus chest/vault during boot-scan........). In my case, it put out warnings against over 180 files, including my firewall, which was shut down then deleted along with quite a few other programs (none of which I asked -or approved - be deleted........)

A lot of other Avast! users also flooded the Internet in a blind panic today as they too thought their systems were infected with a rampant Trojan, and they  were also being asked to conduct boot-scans & were having their files deleted - one Avast! user reported that it had wrecked 5 computers in their home. Later today news began to circulate that the problem was with the Avast! program itself, and that it was putting out false warnings. I had began to wonder about whether there was a problem with the Avast! program rather than my system when I had attempted to re-install my Firewall application (from a DVD) and Avast! again began spewing up warnings that the file was infected - however I knew that the Firewall application's original installation files couldn't be infected.

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In the end,  I un-installed Avast!, re-installed my trusty Firewall application, and downloaded the latest AVG Anti-Virus program. Needless to say there was / is no Win32: Delf-MZG trojan on my system whatsoever  (and I won't be re-installing Avast! any time soon, if at all) . I kinda like AVG now I've tried it, it seems much faster at scanning, has more features than Avast! and the AVG interface is much more user-friendly too - and I suspect in the next few days or so quite a few other Avast! users will be doing the same as me.....

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