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45 Percent Discount Off All VIP Mobile & Premium Websites

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If you've been thinking about getting a mobile website (or a slick new traditional website), then perhaps this red-hot offer will help tempt you into action. This month we're offering an exclusive, super-special deal to all our members - A massive 45% off the purchase price of any VIP Mobile Website or VIP Mobile Website packages from our web development company,

For those who need a traditional (non-mobile) website instead (or as well as a mobile site) we are also offering the same huge 45% discount on all purchases of any (traditional / non-mobile)  Premium Websites or Premium Website packages.

Web Traffic Services

Within the "VIP Mobile Websites" range there are currently 28 stunning designs to choose from, (to view the VIP Mobile Website range please see image at bottom of this page, or visit the demo page @ plus the mobile websites can be easily customized by anyone with a little CSS skill. There is also an expert customization service available for a small fee for those who need it, thus allowing anyone to customize the websites to suit their needs or to match an existing (traditional / non-mobile) website.

(PS: We have also secured a further store-wide, 20% discount for all the other items and services available from, providing that your purchase exceeds $100 :-).


"VIP Mobile Websites"


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"Premium Websites"


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Below: VIP Mobile Websites - Current Range screenshot

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