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Marketing Power Words List – 46 “Power Words” to Help You Convert Sales Like Crazy!

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Bob Kaslik, the vice president of consumer marketing at Interweave Press, (one of America’s leading multi-platform craft media companies with businesses in magazine and book publishing, interactive media, broadcast programming, and events for craft enthusiasts) shared this list of power words with Mequoda Daily that he says Interweave Press uses interchangeably for a variety of things, including news-stand magazine cover lines, promotional copy, and email subject lines.

You can also download a copy of this (very useful) Power Words list in a handy PDF document file format – download it for free from the bottom of this page (or from our shop) – and then keep it somewhere handy – refer to it before, during and or after you have written whatever it is you are writing (newsletters, website articles, sales pages, promotions, social media announcements, etc) and then decide which words below you can use to make your content / headlines convert better for you… Enjoy!

Marketing Power Words List

  1. Improve
  2. Trust
  3. Immediately
  4. Discover
  5. Profit
  6. Learn
  7. Know
  8. Understand
  9. Powerful
  10. Best
  11. Win
  12. Hot Special
  13. More
  14. Bonus
  15. Exclusive
  16. Extra
  17. You
  18. Free
  19. Health
  20. Guarantee
  21. New
  22. Proven
  23. Safety
  24. Money
  25. Now
  26. Today
  27. Results
  28. Protect
  29. Help
  30. Easy
  31. Amazing
  32. Latest
  33. Extraordinary
  34. How to
  35. Worst
  36. Ultimate
  37. Hot
  38. First
  39. Big
  40. Anniversary
  41. Premiere
  42. Basic
  43. Complete
  44. Save
  45. Plus!
  46. Create

‘You’ is generally considered the most powerful of these powerful words.

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Marketing Power Words List (PDF) – Free Download

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