Search Engines Submissions ListThere are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Search Engines on the Internet today.

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However, you do not need to submit your website to all of them in order for your site to be listed on them, as many of the smaller Search Engines (and Web Directories) actually use the data collected by the major Search Engines and Web Directories, and so if you submit your site to those major Engines (& Directories) you should eventually find that your site is listed in the majority of them.

Some of the major Search Engines are listed in the table below, along with prices and other details if applicable - (we've tried to include mainly free services...). Any priced provided here were correct at time of publishing and do not include costs for ie premium paid search advertisements or other services that may be available.

NB: Before submitting to any of the major search engines or directories, many directories request that you do a URL search to see whether your site is already in their database. To do this, simply go to the engine's home page and type in your website address into the search box to see if you are listed. - If your site is already listed, there is no point to doing further submissions (you will only annoy them....).

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(PS: I will be adding more search engines to the list in the future, and probably re-styling the table  / page design etc when time permits - in the meantime however, if there are any which you feel deserve to be added please contact me via our "Contact Us" page and I will include them ... - Admin).


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