BIS Tips: Traffic Ranking & SEO Tips #1

BIS Tips: Traffic Ranking & SEO Tips #1

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BIS Tips: Traffic Ranking & SEO Tips #1BIS Tips: Traffic Ranking & SEO Tips #1

If you're reading this and you'd like to find out what you can do to your website to emulate our results, (see our recent BIS Blog Article "BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!), I'll be writing a few articles on the subject over the next few weeks hopefully that detail the various SEO techniques and other things we've done, so please drop by again & visit us in a few weeks or so.

In the meantime, here's a list of some simple things you can do which cost little or no money and which you can begin doing immediately to (hopefully) improve your own site's traffic flow (and Alexa ranking).....


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Add Fresh & Original Content

  • Try to put some fresh content (articles, download files, photos, etc) on your site frequently - and even EVERY DAY if possible. If you can't create fresh content at least a few times a week, consider installing some software or additions (modules or scripts etc) to your site that can automatically add fresh content for you - examples would be: RSS feeds, product feeds (preferably of which you are affiliated with...) random quotes / joke of the day or similar, stock-market / currency data, news tickers, etc. These things do not, however, replace the need for hard work!......... nothing will beat or compares with genuine, quality articles or other unique content. And please, for goodness sake do not use auto-generated articles unless you are prepared to thoroughly rewrite them before you publish any to ensure they make sense and are not in pigeon English.....

    Use Pinging Services

  • If your website is article based (blog, info site etc) you should install some software that automatically "Pings" the relevant internet sites or services (Technorati, Digg, etc) to inform them of a new article on your site each time you press "Save" (if you edit your articles 100 times before getting them ready for publication, write them up on your PC first in Word or Notepad etc, then copy them into your website pages to prevent pinging too often. Important!!! if your website is ie: a Joomla CMS this simple action has the potential to "Break" your template / screw up your entire site unless you insert the copied text using the "Paste from Word" option available with some editors (you have been warned......). If you use WordPress you can install the free WordPress Plugin from MaxBlogPress called "MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer", which will ping a number of services and also prevents pinging too often (....pinging too often may result in you being considered a ping-spammer & may even result in a ban). The MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin also checks the links of the pinging sites periodically to ensure they are still valid.

    Use Keywords

  • Make sure you use keywords in the meta tags of every page, and in your site's description.....(and in your domain name too, if you haven't already registered one yet - if you do, and it doesn't contain any keywords relevant to your niche or business AND your traffic & ranking statistics are lousy despite spending wads of cash on marketing & advertising each month - then perhaps you should consider changing it....).

Domain Names

  • Register any other domain names that sound like / are similar to yours and which are available (and then direct them all to your main domain name / website) - the same goes for any variants with spelling & miss-spellings.

Consider Using a Dynamic CMS

  • If you haven't built your site yet, or are thinking of updating, consider building your website using something that is "dynamic" in how it handles the site's content, such as WordPress, Joomla! or another CMS (Content Management System). Dynamic simply means that it uses a data-base to create your pages and other content "on-the-fly" - apart from being more flexible and robust to use / manage / expand, plus easily automated, this should also help improve your perceived relevance / status with Google and other search engines, as it means your site (in their eyes, at least) is constantly being updated / refreshed. It is generally agreed that Search Engines love WordPress, and Joomla! CMS is reputed to be particularly SEO friendly, too. And they are both FREE !!...... See our BIS Downloads section for a hand-picked selection of WordPress and Joomla! extensions....

Use SEO-Friendly Links ("Pretty Permalinks")

  • Ensure all your website links are Search-Engine-Friendly (SEF). WordPress has this ability already built-in (to change them, just go to "Permalinks", located within the WordPress "Settings" menu) If using Joomla! CMS, you can configure this within the Global settings inside Joomla! or you can use additional extensions available.

Install a Site Map

  • Get a Site Map if you haven't got one already (and preferably one that also produces the type that Google and other search engines love - XML- as well as HTML). See our article section in the future for more information & tips on this subject once I get around to writing about it.... If you have a Joomla! site there are a couple of popular site map extensions, and best of all they are mostly all FREE (some extensions for them may not be free). For WordPress users there are a great many free options, and I can highly recommend the excellent (free) Google XML Sitemaps plugin developed by Arne Brachold, or you can use the popular SEO plugin by Yoast, which also has sitemap functionality built-in.
    Some site map extensions even have a built-in PingBack mechanism that will automatically report (ping) new or modified items to, and other services.....


  • Make sure your site map is showing on / is linked to EVERY PAGE of your site.... (displayed within the template's footer area is good - just make sure your footer is configured to show on all pages, if possible).
  • Invest some time into inter-linking all the pages of your site (Tip: you can get tools that help with this task, including auto-linking tools - I will be writing about this topic in the near future and will be providing more information, and also tools / resources to help you too.......)

Put Your Readers Needs First...

  • Don't sweat TOO much over having some (relevant) outbound links on your site - yes, it goes against most SEO "Gurus" advice because it can "bleed" your pages & it means that visitors can click on the links and leave your site (.....which is why you should always set all outbound links to open in a new window....) however, if those links would be very useful to your readers / target market, then you're helping them - and guess what? that means they're more likely to remember you / return next time they need advice etc - plus it also indicates to the search engines that your site is somewhat important or relevant in the particular area / niche you've chosen. Try it - if it doesn't work you can simply remove them.

Use Analytics

  • If you don't already use Google Analytics or a similar service to analyze your site - get it right now - immediately - and do not delay. It will help you to see vital information such as which pages / topics are of interest your visitors, how they found your site, plus a whole lot more & which you can then use to ie: produce more of the type of content your visitors are really interested in.

And Lastly.....

  • Get an Alexa ranking button for your site to display your Alexa ranking on your site (it's easy to do, and is free) - THIS SHOULD BE THE VERY FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO - no, it won't help your traffic or ranking stats whatsoever, but you'll be able to see immediately whether any of this advice has improved your site's ranking!!! LOL  (Tip: if your sites ranking is terrible, you may like to download the Alexa Toolbar instead, until your statistics improve - this nifty little tool will immediately tell you your sites ranking, and any other sites you visit, including your competitors......)
  • And lastly: let me know whether any of these tips has helped.......

I'll be writing lots more articles in the future on improving traffic, ranking and SEO techniques & in more depth, too, but for now this quick list will have to suffice. Hope it helps!


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