Tutorial: How To Create A Mini-Ads Module for iJoomla AdAgency

Tutorial: How To Create A “Mini-Ads” Module for iJoomla AdAgency…

Tutorial: Create A “Mini-Ads” Module for iJoomla AdAgency…Maybe iJoomla will create a purposely-built Mini-Ads module for Ad Agency one day, but in the meantime here’s my tutorial & configurations to help you create one RIGHT NOW! using the standard Ad Agency module which is shipped with AA……

Article: Joomla Text Formatting - Problems & Tips

Joomla Text Formatting – Problems & Tips

Joomla is a great CMS (Contact Management System), however it can be prone to some problems in how it manages text formatting if not handled carefully and with due care….There are some things which are almost guaranteed to cause you problems eventually and which should be avoided at all times…..

JCE Editor for Joomla - logo

JCE Editor Tutorial – Creating Groups To Restrict Access

Did you know you can use the excellent JCE editor extension to help secure your Joomla website by controlling access to certain files? This feature is especially useful if your website has many contributors or authors (or even if you just want to create a simplified version of the WYSIWYG editor to make it easier for them)….

Article: How To Get Updates Of Joomla Vulnerable Extensions List Within Joomla

How To Get Updates Of Joomla Vulnerable Extensions List Within Your Joomla Site

It’s important for anyone managing a website to keep abreast of security problems affecting their website & website extensions, and Joomla! is no exception. Unfortunately it’s very easy for webmasters & small businesses to overlook security announcements, plus to make matters worse some developers are not always forthcoming when it comes to alerting their customers about vulnerabilities …..

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Monetizing Joomla Agora RSS Feeds

Monetizing Agora’s RSS Feeds – Follow these instructions to set up Google AdSense ads to display in your Agora Forum’s Google Feedburner (RSS) Feeds….

Joomla logo

Joomla – How To Remove An Article In Joomla

Joomla tutorial: How To Remove An Article In Joomla: To remove an article in your Joomla website, simply go to the Joomla! administration back-end and then go to the “Article Manager”. Select the article that you want to delete by….

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