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Monetizing Joomla Agora RSS Feeds

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News imageMonetizing Joomla Agora RSS Feeds

Since Joomla! pushes multiple feeds, there is no simple .htaccess command the typical user can utilize to send the feeds to various Google Feedburner feeds. Follow the instructions below to set up Google AdSense ads to display in your Agora Forum's Google Feedburner (RSS) Feeds......

  1. Go to your Agora forum and click on the RSS icon for each forum. Write down the URL of each feed.
  2. Go to your Google AdSense account ( and select AdSense for Feeds and "burn" each of the URLs of the feeds. Customize the advertising you wish to be displayed and the frequency that you wish for it to appear. If you would like to have separate channels for each forum feed then you'll need to set those up separately. After the initial setup, you may go to and further customize the way you wish the feeds to appear and even have Feedburner ping the standard syndication services.
  3. From your Google Feedburner account dashboard write down the new URLs for your forum feeds.
  4. In Joomla create a new article and insert the links of the Feedburner feeds into the body of the article. Of course here you can add in/link any graphics or other items you wish.
  5. From the front-end of your site, view the article to ensure that all links are working and the page displays as you desire. You may at this point add a menu item that points to this page. Write down the URL to this page.
  6. In your favorite HTML editor open the file /components/com_agora/template/index_forums.tpl and change line #87 to (NOTE: I've added spaces to the code shown below, in order to display it for you....):  <  a  href = "YOUR-ARTICLE-FOR-THE-NEW-FEEDBURNER-FEEDS-URL-HERE"
  7. Save the file and FTP it back to your site (FTP: File Transport Protocol).

Now all of your forum feeds icons will point to the article with the new monetized Feedburner feeds.

Information for this article was obtained from: Agora Forum Wiki.

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Thanks to mlipscomb of the development team for this solution. For a sample implementation of a monetized Agora RSS Feed visit The Samuel L Jackson Official Site

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