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Images Disappearing in WordPress Website? – Possible Fix

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I recently had the problem of images disappearing in WordPress, and which seemed to spring up all of a sudden on just one or two WordPress sites, and it was really annoying & took me some 5 hours to finally track down the cause of the problem, and so I thought I'd post my solution here just in case it helps anyone else.

Here's what was happening:

I'd either be writing a new post or editing / re-saving an old one, and then after pressing "save" all the images would simply VANISH!!! - including from within the media manager.  I tried everything, even uploading the images via the image manager but they'd all still vanish as soon as the post they were being attached to was saved. What's worse, I'd then go on the server & look at the image files and I could see them there one minute, then "poof" they'd disappear again! - so frustrating!.

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Eventually I tracked down the problem to a URL shortener setting (in my case it was the URL shortener within the Tweet This plugin) - it was set to one of the URL shortener services, (I think it was set to a default shortener setting that came with the plugin, such as "Bit.Ly" or some other service)  - and so  I just changed it to the "Local" setting, and then the second box I set to "same as above"  & that seems to have fixed the problem.

If you don't have the "Tweet This" plugin installed then perhaps it's due to some other URL shortener element within a plugin  (such as a URL shortener built within a "social media" type plugin...). Another problem causing images to suddenly disappear can be low memory - to fix that you need to just bump up the memory limit that's allowed within the php.ini file on your server (ask your web host to do this for you - NOTE: WordPress is supposed to only need 32M generally, but I recently read someone saying that's vastly under what it really should be, and that it needs 64M for standard installations & 128M for multi-site installations or for very large sites etc)

Hope this helps someone.

Images disappearing in WordPress posts possible fix - URL Shortening services in Tweet This plugin
Images disappearing in WordPress posts possible fix - URL Shortening services in Tweet This plugin


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