License Change For All iJoomla Products - Now Only One Year Licenses

License Change For All iJoomla Products – Now Only One Year Licenses

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License Change For All  iJoomla Products - Now Only One Year LicensesLicense Change For All  iJoomla Products

There's been a recent change to the licensing conditions for all iJoomla products - they are no longer providing "Lifetime Updates" and will now only be providing customers with ONE YEAR of access to upgrades of their commercial software products.

We are still unsure as to what, if any, compensation will be offered to current iJoomla customers who purchased products under the belief that their purchase would include a lifetime of updates. If / when any offer is announced I will then amend this article to include such information.

(UPDATE: iJoomla inform us that customers who purchased iJoomla products BEFORE this new license change came into effect will not be affected - their licenses will remain the same - Regards, BIS admin) .

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List of products affected by this change:

  • iJoomla NewsPortal
  • iJoomla SEO
  • iJoomla Ad Agency
  • iJoomla Sidebars
  • iJoomla RSS
  • iJoomla Search & Archive
  • iJoomla Digistore
  • iJoomla Magazine
  • iJoomla Surveys
  • iJoomla RSS Feeder


Regarding Articles & Other Literature Published On This Site:

I will be amending all iJoomla articles & any other iJoomla literature on this site to reflect this change in policy today, so please bear with us in the meantime (we only found out today by accident, & at present we are still unaware of when the change was implemented).

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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