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How To Add Google AdSense Code To Your Site

Once you've signed up with Google AdSense & you have an AdSense account, you will need to generate your ad code. This is easily done and information on how to do this is also available on the Google AdSense website.

Once you have generated your individual AdSense Ad Code you'll need to add the code to your webpages.

(BIS TIP: It is a good idea to  organize & store all of your affiliate codes, ID's and other affiliate details somewhere safe, such as in an affiliate linking application within your website, or in a digital notepad, etc - then whenever you need these details you can find them quickly & easily..... see more of our Tips at the bottom of this page).
Every HTML editor is different, so we can't give exact instructions on copying the ad code into your pages. We can, however, give you general advice & a few tips:

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How to add Google AdSense code to your website:

  1. Copy and paste the code exactly as it appears in your account, without making any changes or edits. Changing the code in any way can cause errors on your page (and therefore may result in advertisements not displaying and /or you loosing commissions) and is also against the AdSense program policies.

  2. Paste the ad code between the body tags of your HTML.
    • If you're using a WYSIWYG editor to edit your webpages it's a good idea to paste the code into the Code or Source view (BIS TIP: there is usually a button alongside/ within the WYSIWYG application that changes the view of the text layout area to just a plain insert box., called Source View.... change to this view and paste the Google Ad Code into there).
    • Pasting it into the normal "Word" layout view of the WYSIWYG editor will often result in HTML tags being added to your code, and will result in errors.
    • NOTE: If your page uses frames, make sure that the code is pasted into the frame that contains your page's main content. Google uses this content to target ads.

  3. Save and upload your pages to your server when you're done. If you're not sure how to do this, we suggest contacting your web hosting company directly or if you are really stuck you could hire someone to do this for you (if using Joomla! CMS - simply press save).

  4. Google ads should appear on your pages almost immediately.
    • Initially, you may see untargeted public service ads (known as PSAs) for which you won't receive earnings. It may take a few hours for Google's crawler to visit your page and determine its content in order to provide targeted ads.
Another way of inserting ad codes into webpages is via applications designed specifically for this purpose. These applications can make it very easy to insert or modify ad codes, as well as for inserting other types of code or snippets.


  • There are a number of applications available to help make the job of inserting and displaying Google Ads and other code or scripts very easy and trouble-free.

  • For a Joomla CMS I can recommend"Insert HTML Editor" by Phoenixbits, which you can find here: PhoenixBits Insert HTML Editor Plugin  (it's completely FREE, too). This product is actually 2 plugins and is very useful for inserting any type of script or code into a Joomla site, and includes a button for the Tiny MCE editor that makes inserting code a snap even for newbies (......just remember that it may not work in some/all editors, such as the JCE editor, so if you use JCE you'll need to swap editors to insert the code - which is also easy if you use an extension such as (Joomla!) "Editor Switcher " plugin by or ND EditorSwitch module  by Netdream - both are also FREE).

  • For suggestions on a couple of WordPress plugins please see my other article, "How To Get Google AdSense Code" (WordPress plugin suggestions are listed at the bottom of the article)

  • If you wish, you can choose to switch off Google's Public Service Ads (PSA's) when you are configuring your Google ads.

  • It is a good idea to keep copies of all your affiliate partner programs terms & conditions, if possible - that way you can quickly & easily refer to them, plus if/when they are updated you will be able to tell which items have been changed, too.......)

Note: Some of the information used to help create this page obtained from -  Google Adsense website.

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