Twitter Lists - Great Way To Follow People or Be Listed On Twitter...
Twitter Lists

There's a new Twitter service which was released late last year called Twitter Lists - and it's been causing lots of interest on the Internet since it launched, including from Mashable & others.

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What it does is it allows you to create lists of people you are following on Twitter, and organize these lists into categories.


Web Traffic Services

But it's the fact you can also list your own Twitter "Tweet" on Twitter itself which potentially has the most benefit for small businesses & websites (and which probably is also open to abuse such as spam Tweets, no doubt.....).


Benefit of Twitter Lists

By listing your Tweet into a Twitter List category that is related to your particular business you have the potential to attract new Twitter followers and also visitors to your site, and without it costing you a cent too.


Twitter Lists - Great Way To Follow People or Be Listed On Twitter...


As well as Twitter Lists, there is also Twibe's  "Twitter Groups" too. A twibe is a group of Twitter people with a common interest.
Twibes: Twitter Groups "Twibes" lists its own Twitter Groups & also "Twibe Topics", and it provides you an additional place to list your own Tweet.

Twitter Lists - Great Way To Follow People or Be Listed On Twitter...


WeFollow - A sort of Twitter Directory. We Follow has numerous categories, or "Lists", and it is owned / ran by Digg.
"WeFollow" is an excellent place to list your Twitter account listing, and is a very effective way to market your blog or website via your Twitter account (we gained a "Follower" within hours of signing up)


Another great way to gain Twitter followers (and therefore links, traffic plus improved ranking & SEO stats)  is by signing up to follow other peoples Tweets yourself - you will then be listed on that persons Twitter followers module / widget & then others will (hopefully) see yours & hopefully will begin following you.


Here are just a few lists you may find useful plus I've also included links to a couple of interesting articles on the subject.... (To find new Twitter Lists not listed here, you can simply type in a subject into the Twitter search to find other lists if you need..).




Important Update!!: Phishing & Other Scams on Twitter:

Another wave of Twitter phishing has recently erupted, with a spat of direct messages that read “somebody wrote something about you in this blog here” with a link to an ominous short URL....... so please take care when using Twitter or any such services or websites.