Our move over to WordPress is complete....Our Move Over To WordPress is Complete...

Well we've been busy porting the site over to the new platform (WordPress) and most of our articles are now published again, but it could be a few more weeks before the site is fully functional - for example, I've just spent 6 hours (....yep, you read it right... 6 fu@&%ing hours...) just trying to integrate Facebook but without any luck . Seems there is a problem with the Facebook application creation function.

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Facebook 's website is just so badly designed that it's almost laughable (eg: there's a "Settings" tab, plus there's also more settings hidden within the "edit Page" tab.... I wonder what sort of an idiot designed that? or thought it was a good idea to have settings pages scattered all over the place. Just insane.) - they REALLY need to get their act together & make it easier for users to do basic things like create a Facebook application  (....which is what I was trying to do today, and which takes me only a matter of MINUTES to do the same thing via Twitter website......  and so, after 6 hours of no luck I then tried to submit a bug report, as the problem is due to bugs in their buggy system... and you won't believe this, but I couldn't even submit a bug report because their bug tracker tool is also  - you guessed it - buggy!!! ...... hmmm, no wonder they're floating Facebook on the stock market, as they obviously need lots more money to fix their awful system.....

Anyway, hopefully we'll get things sorted out eventually.  Just don't bank on logging in to this site via a Facebook login anytime soon!

Apart from all that,  we hope to be  posting a few new articles over the coming days, too - we've been holding back on publishing anything new because we knew that we were about to move over to WordPress  (...I am so happy we've moved to WordPress that you just cannot imagine.... it's bliss - I also manage 20+ other websites, and all but one of them is powered by WordPress -   and the old Joomla website was more work to maintain and to update than all the other 20+ websites combined.....).  But it's been a lot of work finding suitable new WordPress plugins to re-build the site, and so as a result of all my research and testing I'm hoping to publish a few new articles soon on some of the great WordPress themes & WordPress plugins I've found along the way.

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Anyway, that's all for now,

take care.