IMG_115 Watercolour Effect (Cat "Sid" Sleeping - Copyright
IMG_115 Watercolour Effect (Cat "Sid" Sleeping - Copyright

UPDATE  - 10th July 2011:  Due to porting the site from Joomla to WordPress we can no longer manage our photos via the HWD Photoshare component after the move (...unfortunately it is only available for Joomla, and not WordPress websites ....). Our BIS Gallery photos & images will probably be displayed & downloaded via our new download manager program after the move or via the downloads - See "BIS Downloads" menu link . Regards, Admin.

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Hello everyone,

We've been working hard behind the scenes as usual, and for the past week or so I've been totally revamping our BIS Gallery & in particular the software that managed it. The new BIS Gallery / BIS Photo-Share Gallery is now live, & has replaced the old BIS Gallery.

The main difference you will notice (apart from the gallery's appearance..... - see screen-shot on this page) is that you are now required to log in before you can browse the gallery & or download images (our basic membership is completely free & provides many other benefits too...... - Click here to become a member of this site).

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HWDPhotoShare Screenshot (for Joomla CMS)
HWDPhotoShare Screenshot (for Joomla CMS)

We had to change the previous software due to a few problems including the photo download wasn't functioning on our site (.....probably a software conflict issue & nothing to do with the quality of the software itself...) - we needed a quick solution so after looking at alternatives we decided to try out the HWDPhotoShare software, and we fell in love with it...

So, you will now need to register & log in before you can browse the gallery,  however we think you'll find it is worth it!! (... and at least now you'll be able to download the images!!  you can even share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, plus there is an RSS feed too - but please remember that those users would still need to login first to download the images) - I've also uploaded many more new images too, plus I've created some "water- colour effect", "pastel-effect"  & other artistic-effect versions of some of the best images.....)

Please bear in mind the software is still undergoing testing, and please notify me of any problems you might encounter with the Photo Gallery software as it will take a bit longer before it's 100% totally & thoroughly tested, checked over & any bugs ironed out.

In the future we may decide to allow members to upload images & create their own albums etc. too.


BIS Admin.

Free Photos, Images & Artwork...

Registered members of this site can download the images in the BIS Gallery for FREE & use them in a variety of ways (for articles /  blog, etc) which can save you lots of time and money however you are not permitted to sell, re-distribute them or use them for commercial projects etc  - please refer to our "BIS Gallery Policy - Terms & Conditions" document to read the full terms & conditions of use.

Designers, Photographers & Artists' can contribute their work...

If any designers, photographers or artists would like to contribute work to the BIS Gallery they can contact us via our contact form & submit their work for review (please read our BIS Gallery Policy - Terms & Conditions legal document for additional details).