Facebook To Launch New Site For MobilePhones: “Facebook Zero”

Facebook To Launch New Site For Mobile Phones: “Facebook Zero”

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Facebook To Launch New Site For MobilePhones: “Facebook Zero”Facebook has announced it is launching its new site especially for mobile users called "Facebook Zero", which will be a pared-down, text-only version of its  existing mobile site Facebook Lite.

Facebook Zero will be devoid of all the data-intensive  applications like video & photos, and it's primary goal is to help free up critical bandwidth on the networks.

The worlds no.1 social network on the internet today said recently that over 100 million people now access Facebook from mobile phones.

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Statistics compiled by the industry body GSM Association has revealed that Facebook accounts for almost half of all the time people in the UK spend online using their mobiles, and in just December 2009 alone that equaled about 2.2 billion minutes.

A spokesperson for the social networking giant said that they hope that by releasing this new stripped-down version that it will "make Facebook on the mobile web available to everyone, anywhere" and would also allow operators to "encourage more mobile internet usage".

There is already a slimmed-down version of Facebook available to people with slow or poor internet connections - called Facebook Lite - for users such as those in the developing world.

Facebook announced that Zero will be launched "in the coming weeks".

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