Business-In-Site Is Now On Twitter!!....
Business-In-Site Is Now On Twitter!!....

Hello everyone,

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Business-In-Site is now on Twitter!!.....Anyone wishing to follow us can do so by clicking on the Twitter "Follow Us" banner or button displayed on the our website or by just clicking here. You may have also noticed a new "tweets" tab on the left side of our site  (belonging to a program called "Tweetboard" - (2011 Update:  The Tweetboard software - created for Joomla Websites - is no longer installed).

Tweetboard is a micro-forum type application for Twitter which allows both the webmaster & website visitors to post tweets directly from the website without having to go to the Twitter website, so it's a also great time-saver for busy webmasters. Tweetboard also allows the site's visitors to interact with the website, each other and also comment on other tweets.

Tweetboard also provides you & other visitors to this site an opportunity to gain some new followers of their own by simply leaving comments within our Tweetboard, because other website visitors may read your posts & decide to start following you too, so it's actually a great marketing tool for any website to have (you might even like to install it in your own website...).

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Tweetboard for Joomla is available for FREE - anyone interested can download it for FREE via our BIS Downloads section (you will find it within the Joomla Social Media Extensions Category) - we think it's a nifty tool for social networking or just adding some interaction into your website, and we can definitely recommend it.

Anyway, that's all for now, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards Karen.