When building a website, accept things may go wrong!!

When building a website, accept things may go wrong!!

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When building a website, accept things may go wrong!!I thought I'd give readers who might be new to launching an online business website some insight into just some of the (unexpected) things that can happen when building or preparing a website.....

Last Saturday (28th November 2009) our technician came over to work on the website and began putting some finishing touches to our new bookstore, whilst I tried (yet again) to see which (censored!!) plugin might be causing problems for the e-cards not displaying correctly on the first page (it displays fine on the rest......).

Whilst I was disabling plugins one-by-one then re-enabling them after seeing it hadn't made the slightest difference, the technician meanwhile was uploading a logo to the store....... Meanwhile, our "Who's Online" module on the homepage was saying we had over 100 visitors on the site.......

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Suddenly I noticed that our website homepage wasn't truncating the front page's articles into nice little introductory snippets anymore, and was now miles long! Of course the technician (naturally) thought I must have switched off a plugin by mistake, and so I began frantically going through the plugins manager.......nothing amiss. Then I checked more pages on the site's front-end & noticed the downloads area now had the WOD (White-screen of Death)......

More panic ensued as we checked more & more pages - the website was getting worse by the minute and within about 5 minutes was totally screwed! and I then found I couldn't even get into the site's back end.......

Being the far less experienced one of the two (....plus tired & exhausted from massive hours spent working on the site), we naturally both thought the problems must be due to me switching off or enabling something by mistake. But I also knew the problems had began after files were uploaded for the store, however we both couldn't see any reason why that would have caused any problems so it had to be something I'd switched off. The situation was made worse because the technician had plans for the day & so there were calls to the girlfriend to inform her about the delay..... I felt awful about it, but there was nothing we could do about the situation, we just had to fix it.

It took about 1 and 1/2 hours to find the problem, and as it turned out it wasn't due to me at all - a folder containing all the site's plugins had accidentally attached itself to the shop logo file & had been uploaded along with our logo, which effectively had wiped out all the plugins. Thank God for the online techie forums - Problem was fixed within 2 minutes after our technician read how someone else had once done exactly the same.

So, for anyone who tried visiting the website last Saturday, our sincere apologies.
And for any "Noobs "currently setting up your new website - expect the unexpected!.........

Oh, and if your website starts "disintegrating" after uploading a file - maybe check that nothing else has accidentally  "attached itself" to the file you just uploaded.........

Take care.


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