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Power Words Explained

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What Are “Power Words”?

What Are “Power Words” you are probably thinking! – “Power Words” are words that have been PROVEN to MAKE (yes, you heard it – PROVEN to MAKE!)  people buy.

Almost like magic, when used in marketing campaigns, or web content  or print etc, these Power Words will AUTOMATICALLY TRIGGER certain EMOTIONS in the readers that MAKE them WANT to BUY!

Pretty cool eh?

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Where should you use Power Words?

Using these Power Words in your web pages, flyers, newsletters, emails and other promotions will help you to get the reader to commit to whatever it is that you are trying to get them to commit to (…. which might be anything from purchasing a product or service from you, to signing up to your newsletter list, etc).

Why should you use Power Words?

Power Words are probably one of the biggest things standing between success and failure in a (otherwise well-run,well-designed) marketing campaign.

Without them, many sales and potential subscribers can be lost.

You can have the slickest graphics, the greatest of products and the best of value on offer, however, if your words don’t convince the reader to commit and they leave without doing anything, then your campaign is a big fat failure.

So, Power Words are a definite must-have for any creative copywriter (or small business owner / entrepreneur….)

Where can you learn more?

Click Here To Read More about Power Words and see below to download a FREE copy of our “Power Words List” pdf (for Members only)

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Affordable Website Packages

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