Twitter Followers Module (for Joomla) by Theo van Sluijs

Free Promotion For All Our Followers On Twitter…..

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Twitter Followers Module (for Joomla) by Theo van Sluijs
Twitter Followers Module (for Joomla) by Theo van Sluijs

Free Promotion For Our Twitter Followers.....

Hello everyone,

Just a quick blog post to let you know I've just installed a new "Twitter Followers" module/widget on this site,  so now any of our readers or friends who are following us on Twitter will get some free promotion of their Twitter page / account on our website!!! (20th Feb. 2012 update - please note that this (Joomla) module/widget is not installed on this site anymore as we have changed our CMS platform, however I hope to find a good, working replacement for our newly renovated website soon as I get a chance....).

I've placed the Followers module on all our BIS Blog pages & also on all of our article categories & pages for now (although that's probably where it will remain, unless space restrictions mean I have to limit it in some categories in the future..).  The Twitter follower's icons / avatars are added automatically, and are displayed randomly in the slick-looking module.

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By the way, anyone else wanting to install the Twitter Followers module (or the "Twitter Friends" module by the same developer) for their own Joomla website can find it listed in our BIS Downloads Directory, in the Joomla Social Media Extensions Category ( it's not a free download, it's commercial, however it only costs 1.50 euros absolute steal if you ask me.....)

Another point worth mentioning is under the licensing terms you can use it on as many websites of yours as you like, (and it was also super-easy to set up & install - & it looks fab!!  BTW, I'm not affiliated with the developer, nor being sponsored / paid to write this either - I actually do think the modules are the best-looking mods for displaying Twitter friends & Twitter Followers out of any I've seen - love them!).

Anyway, that's all for now,

Take care


29/03/2010: PS: .....I was so pleased with trying out our new module that I forgot to mention the most important thing!! - If you'd like to follow us on Twitter, you can click on the Twitter "Follow Us" module displayed on this site or by clicking here......


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