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Free Advertising Rate Calculator Tool

125x125 Ad Rate Calculator Tool

125x125 Ad Rate Calculator Tool to help you better estimate* how much you can / should be charging for advertisements placed on your website. Although this Ad Rate Calculator Tool is for 125x125 sized ads, you could pro-rata the results to work out costings for other sizes......

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NOTE: Remember that placement on the page also is a big factor in costing your advertising - ads placed below the fold will usually need to be cheaper than ads placed above the fold.....

In addition, some advertisers may wish to charge different prices according to an individual page's popularity, traffic or PageRank values.

("Above the fold": Refers to the top part of a webpage that is visible upon landing on it, without having to scroll down the page. Anything below that line is referred to as being "below the fold")

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* A lot of factors go into pricing advertising, and so this tool is only for a rough guide. See bottom of page for a list of some of the factors you will need to consider.

Ad Rate Calculator

Ad Rate Calculator Tool Discontinued

Sorry, but the (online) ad rate calculator tool is no longer available & so we have had to remove it 🙁  - we will try to find a suitable replacement, if possible.

In the meantime, please browse the information provided below, as perhaps it can help you with formulating your ad pricing.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience. 

Regards, Admin


Factors that will affect advertising rates or pricing include:

  • Amount of Traffic the site receives
  • Demographics / Type of traffic the site receives:  eg. USA traffic is more desirable than traffic originating from eg: India, and it is usually more desirable to have visitors who are professional, high-earners with college educations than say unemployed, etc.
  • Niche (subject / topic) of website:  Some niches fetch higher prices than others.
  • Desirability:  Some niches / topics are simply much more desirable to advertisers than others.
  • Your site statistics: Factors such as how long your visitors stay on your site, how many pages they view per visit, etc can all affect your advertising pricing. (You can find your site's statistical information via your web server statistics).
  • PageRank Statistics: The PageRank of the webpage(s) that the advertising is published on.
  • Ranking Statistics: The Website's Alexa Ranking and other ranking statistics (such as "Compete, etc).
  • The Advertiser: If for some reason the advertiser really desires to have their banners advertised on your site, then it is likely that they are willing to pay a higher premium than otherwise. This is where having a good-looking, professional, well designed website can pay dividends.