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Microsoft & Adobe Security Patches ReleasedMicrosoft & Adobe Security Patches Released

Microsoft and Adobe have both just announced they are releasing new security patches for some of their popular software products. Microsoft released some patches today and Adobe has said it will release an update for its Flash Player tomorrow.

Joshua Talbot, (security intelligence manager at Symantec Security Response), has rated the patches as critical, and according to Joris Evers, (spokesman for security software maker McAfee) the flaws in Excel allow hackers to create tainted spreadsheets that infect a user's PC once they are opened, allowing a hacker to remotely take control of that machine.

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The affected products are:

Microsoft Security Patches:

Microsoft has released 10 patches to address 34 flaws it identified across its Office, Windows, Internet Explorer and other products.


  • Excel (patches include 14 repairs to the widely used Excel spreadsheet program for flaws that could allow hackers to take control of a user's PC.)
  • Office
  • Windows
  • Internet Explorer
  • Other MS products (not specified)

Adobe Security Patches:

  • Flash Player (to fix a vulnerability in the current version that hackers were exploiting to secretly gain remote access to computers).

Beware of Visiting Infected Websites

Joshua Talbot (from Symantec Security Response) also warned of the potential risk of being infected just by visiting (deliberately) infected websites.

"The most serious is the Windows kernel TrueType font parsing vulnerability. Exploiting this—likely through a drive-by download attack—would give an attacker near system-level privileges. It's doubtful that attackers would compromise a legitimate site to exploit this vulnerability, so users should be extra cautious of social engineering tricks coaxing them to visit unfamiliar Web pages, which could contain a malicious font," Talbot said.

More Information: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/security/microsoft-adobe-release-patches-to-stop-hackers-20100609-xu7z.html