UPDATED - January 2013: 

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The plugin stopped working again but I found a (super-simple) fix that 100% works!  (....it wasn't the plugins' fault - Twitter have updated their API, causing the plugin to fail to connect to Twitter).

(1) Go to the WordPress Plugins Editor (located in WP admin side menu - under the "Plugins" menu link  you'll find the WP plugin "Editor" sub-menu link).

(2) Select the "Tweet This" plugin from your (drop-down) list of installed plugins, and open the file called "tweet-this.php".

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(3) Search for the Twitter API updates URL address (it's located near the top part of the file document, so scroll down slowly!...)

(4) Change the twitter API updates address to this:   http://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update.json

(5) Press "Save", and you're all done!

I've used this fix on all our sites and it works 100% (...we are using the latest Tweet This version, 1.8.3 )- If you'd like to try "Tweet This"  WordPress plugin you can download it FOR FREE from the developers site - http://richardxthripp.thripp.com/tweet-this/


I'm a huge fan of the wonderful WordPress plugin, Tweet This by Richard Thripp, and I have used it on a number of WordPress sites. In almost every instance it's worked flawlessly straight off the bat, and I've set up automatic tweeting literally within minutes of installation. But recently I started to have problems with it on a couple of sites - the tweets weren't being sent to Twitter and there was an error message saying it was due to HTTP 401;

Twitter returned HTTP 401. Check your OAuth settings and re-save this post to try again.

It seems that quite a few other people who use the Tweet This plugin are getting the same error message too, and some have even abandoned this (really great) plugin for something else. But I knew it wasn't the plugin as it was still working brilliantly on all the other sites I manage, and so I dug around and I found a "fix" for it - or more precisely, what you need to do if your system is "jammed" following these error messages.

Here's what to do:

  1. Firstly,  try the in-built checking mechanism within the Tweet This plugin (see screenshot at the bottom of this article) - if it tells you that it is working properly  you can proceed to number 2.
  2. Then try sending a manual tweet via the manual tweet box, located under the "Posts" side menu bar within the WordPress back-end. If you are able to send a tweet manually, then you can proceed to no. 3
  3. Open up a post in WordPress that you want to tweet to Twitter & which has previously failed, and scroll down the page to the "custom Fields" boxes. You should see some custom fields for the Tweet This plugin. There should be a box for the 401 error, with "401" in it  - DELETE THE "401" TEXT / DATA IN THIS BOX. You don't have to delete the custom field altogether, just the data in it's box.
  4. Re-Save your post, and it should have now been sent automatically to Twitter.

You may have to repeat this for each and every "jammed" post within your system, but then after that your new posts should go out automatically in the future without any problems. (Worked for me!)

I hope this helps anyone else experiencing the same issue.

PS: If you want to get Richard Thripp's wonderful  Tweet This plugin you can get it from his website (it's completely FREE):  http://richardxthripp.thripp.com/tweet-this/

Tweet This plugins test twitter OAuth button  screenshot
Tweet This plugins test twitter OAuth button - screenshot