Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name can be a key ingredient in a new website's success, and can sometimes mean the difference between future success - or total obscurity in search engine results.

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This article explains:

  • WHY you need to choose your domain names carefully
  • WHAT you need to avoid when your choosing domain names
  • WHAT makes a good domain name
  • WHAT you should consider including in your domain names
  • HOW to find your keywords easily and quickly

It also provides advice on how to make this essential task easier and faster.

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Why you need to choose your domain names carefully...

Unless you intend on spending a large amount of money on advertising & marketing in order to attract traffic & potential customers to your site, (or you are expert at SEO techniques.....) then your domain name can sometimes be the only way potential customers will find you when they instigate a search on Google or some other search engine, so you should choose your domain names very carefully.

Having a good domain name makes promoting your site easier and (hopefully) less costly. It can also help to build trust with your customers.

What you need to avoid when choosing your domain name...

You should avoid domain names which are:

  • hard to remember,
  • are hard to spell,
  • are too long,
  • or anything which could be considered offensive to some people (including those from different cultures or other countries).

You will probably have your domain name for some time, too, so try to choose one which hopefully you will not grow to dislike within a short amount of time.


What makes a good domain name...

A good domain name is one which is memorable, is not too long, is easy to spell and which is appropriate for your particular type of business.

Remember too that your domain name will be added to your promotional material such as business cards, brochures, stationary, billboards and clothing etc so it should also be professional and appropriate for your chosen target market.

WHAT you should consider including in your domain names...

You should consider including keywords in your domain names that are specifically suited to your particular type of business or website. Keywords are simply words or phrases that potential customers commonly use or would be likely to use when conducting online searches for your particular type of business, website, product or service. There will probably be a number of keywords which will be applicable to your type of business, and in various combination's, too, so you will need to do some research to find which ones are best. Once you know what your keywords are, you can decide whether you can incorporate any of these keywords into your domain names, as this can improve your chances of being listed in any search engine results for those particular keywords.

Incorporating your websites main keyword(s) makes it easier to attract organic (free) traffic that is interested in your website's topic, product or service. When researching your keywords you should select ones which are either very popular in terms of monthly searches (in other words they are searched for by many people via search engines) or which have low competition, or both.

Another tip is to try to find out which keywords & keyword combination's your competitors are using too, as this can help you know which words are working for them, and in which combination.

How to find your keywords easily and quickly...

There are a number of tools, both free and commercial, that are available to help you find suitable keywords & keyword phrases for your particular type of business. As well as suggesting words which you may not have initially considered, these tools will make this task easier and faster, too. Some of the better marketing or SEO software may have a keyword tool included in it, too.

There is also a free tool available in "Google Webmaster" Tools.

Once you have identified the keywords which are relevant to your business, (and which have a high or reasonable monthly search rate) then you can consider whether you wish to use or incorporate them into your new domain names.

We hope you found this article useful and are now more aware of how important your choice of domain name is, and how to avoid choosing one that you may regret.


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