BIS Blog article: Introducing Our New Site Design...As our regular visitors will have probably noticed, we have changed our website template & layout.

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This wasn't a planned change but was brought about after a number of unfortunate incidents (....which included:  Our site being taken offline temporarily by our web host due to extremely high server loads caused by our site,  accompanied by a number of other problems &  culminating in a software update that "didn't go as planned"........whilst at the same time suffering a computer hard-drive failure, a modem breakdown, and repeated power-cuts due to severe storms & gale-force winds....- It was such a ridiculous string-of-events that I'm actually considering writing a humorous article about it all one day.....perhaps...).


So we decided in the end to "bite the bullet" and do a complete site overhaul. We'd been battling problems with our original template & some other components on the site for some time and so in the end we decided the changes were necessary and were the best long-term remedy. We  think you'll like the new style and you will find it much easier to navigate the site too due to the improved menu system. We still have some minor "tweaking" to do & it will take a few more days to finish setting up all the additional modules etc, so it's still not completely finished, however that shouldn't affect visitors wishing to read our articles or from downloading, etc.

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Please be patient too whilst we finish checking & fixing any broken links (and btw, some links may even have changed due to the new improved menus...) but I think that once it's all completed it will be worth it - the site is now faster and leaner and the new drop-down menus make it a breeze to move around the site quickly.

Anyway, we hope you like it as much as we do.

Regards, BIS Admin