Article: The one-armed bandit strikes again......

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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd better update our blog as it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, but we've been absolutely flat-out and my arm injury has gotten much worse and I'm unable to work as fast or for as long as I'd like... so please bear with us for the next few weeks while we catch up on the huge backlog of work (...the arm is going to take some time to heal it seems).

Software Updates...

I've also been busy (...understatement...) with Joomla software updates again - it seems that every theme, component, module, widget  & plugin is being constantly updated lately,  and I've noticed a huge increase in security vulnerabilities as being the reason for the updates too.... ( makes me wonder whether Governments & law-makers have any real understanding of the true extent of the costs to businesses, countries & society etc worldwide due to hackers & virus-creators etc??? - Because if they did, then I think there would be much stronger penalties & much more co-operation between countries in order to block, catch & punish the offenders.... Anyway, that's my rant-of-the-day!....).

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Security News RSS Feeds

Speaking of website security - did you know we have a security section where you can check out vulnerable extensions or other security threats from a number of sources? - You can find it via our side menu, "BIS News" menu link (then choose "Security News"). I'll be increasing these alert services & Security RSS Feeds as I find more too.

 AutoTweet Plugin for AutoTweeting....

One new component I've installed to help me manage the site better whilst my arm heals is AutoTweet NG Pro, (for Joomla CMS platform) which will help me automatically post articles to Twitter, as I'm finding it very hard to get everything done & our Twitter posts are one of the things that has had to be put on the back-burner, behind the security updates & other more pressing tasks.  So far I'm very happy with my purchase of ATNG (which is why I've included it in our BIS Downloads directory - I think at 9.99 Euros it is very reasonably priced too - btw we are not affiliated with the developer & we don't earn anything from any sales... -  Update 2011 - it's no longer this low price - it now costs much more - like 3+ times as much, and the software license also now expires every every few months..... things that make you go hmmmm......).

Please see bottom of article post for details on a WordPress AutoTweet Plugin

BIS Downloads directory

(15th Feb 2012 - Update: Currently the BIS Downloads Directory is offline / unavailable - because we have moved to a different website platform - WordPress - and so unfortunately it looks like I will need to re-build the downloads area completely from scratch... Sorry, regards, Admin).

I've also added quite a few more Joomla extensions to our BIS Downloads directory - I am slowly including all my favourite & essential Software Extensions etc & expanding the downloads area  - it's coming along nicely (.....inclusion in the download directory is very selective, & essentially is "invitation only" although if anyone has some great software program they can apply for it to be considered - in short, what we don't want is a huge directory that is just full of so-so products - only the very best will be considered.. ).

Well, that's all for now - I have lots of (real) work to do!

Take care,


15th Feb. 2012 - UPDATE: I have recently found a very good (and currently free) AutoTweet WordPress plugin for auto-tweeting your posts to Twitter - it's called  "Tweet This" plugin by richardxthripp - so if you happen to have a WordPress website or blog, I highly recommend that you give it a try.