Image: Party Picture - by KBanting, (IMG-110) now with PageRank 5….

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Image: Party Picture - by KBanting, (IMG-110)Whoohooo!.....Well, we're still in shock and disbelief, but (homepage) now has a PageRank of 5!!! - an amazing achievement for a new website - and especially for one which hasn't had any promotion or marketing done yet...... Our Alexa Rank of around 175,000 globally is also excellent and equally surprising.


We'd like to sincerely thank all our members, visitors, friends and supporters!
We also hope to shortly launch our first marketing campaign
too, which will include some (super) special offers & promotion discounts so if you'd like to be amongst the first to be notified sign up for our BIS Newsletter or our  (free) BIS Membership & we'll notify you immediately once the promotions go live....

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Thanks again for your support & patronage,

BIS Admin.

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Affordable Website Packages

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