Newsflash: Vulnerabilities found in Adobe Air & Flash…

Newsflash: Vulnerabilities found in Adobe Air & Flash…

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Newsflash: Vulnerabilities found in Adobe Air & Flash…There are multiple vulnerabilities that have (just) been found in Adobe Flash Player & Adobe Air, according to a report by Secunia released just yesterday (USA time). The problems involve exposure of system information & system access from a remote location & the risks are rated "Highly Critical": (see article:

The product versions that are affected are:

  • Adobe Air 1.x
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.x
(.......And earlier versions of both are no doubt most likely to be just as vulnerable too- if not even more so - but regardless you should always update to the latest versions for better protection - BIS Admin).

You can get a free update / patch from Adobe for both products at the Adobe website

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Or if you just need one, here are the individual direct download links for both, plus whilst your at it, you might also want to download the latest versions of any other Adobe software you use (just to be on the safe side.....)... so here are the direct links for some other popular free Adobe applications:


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