Cherry Blossoms in Spring - Copyright © Business-In-Site
Cherry Blossoms in Spring - Copyright © Business-In-Site

Hello everyone.

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Well, it's the first day of Spring in our corner of the world and it's been quite hectic behind the scenes at  as we finish setting up the new website template & modules. We'll be adjusting & tweaking things for the next few weeks at least whilst we put the finishing touches to  our website "Spring Clean" & conduct the final testing on the new layout but (hopefully) this shouldn't cause any / too much disruption to our users. We'll also be adding more social network integrations to make it easier & faster for new members to register /sign up.

New Website Photo Gallery Component

We had a minor setback last week with our image gallery which had to be rebuilt following its update to the new JoomGallery MVC version (..... so if you are searching for a particular image file / photograph please be aware that the file names / links may have changed following the rebuild....) which meant that we also lost all associated data & statistics too (hits, votes etc) for all our highly popular images however it's a small price to pay for the great new features & improved performance offered by the new JoomGallery. BTW, I've found a fix for a problem which affects some users whereby images don't display, so if you have the same problem (it doesn't affect all installations, so it may be due to ie: server or some other environmental factor) you can try that solution - a copy of it is available in our Joomla related Forum. If you are looking for a gallery component for Joomla then the new JoomGallery is well worth trying out and it's also completely OpenSource & FREE so perhaps consider giving it a try (you can download it via our BIS Downloads directory).

Lucie Sleeping - Copyright © Business-In-Site
Lucie Sleeping - Copyright © Business-In-Site

BIS Website - New Photo Gallery Images

I've also added a few more (brand-new) images to the BIS Gallery, including the image(s) used in this article, & also the party celebration image used in an earlier blog article about our achievement of reaching a PageRank score of Five. I did the party /celebration type images for the blog article after spending way too too long trying to find a similar image online - free or commercial - without much luck and so I thought it might be useful to some of our members too.  All images within our BIS Gallery may be downloaded for FREE by our registered members & may be used by individuals or businesses for non-commercial purposes ( you can use them on your website, in articles etc - but you cannot ie: Print them onto items or sell them....) and provided that we are credited by you in some way for the use of the image(s) - you can read more about the licensing details in our legal document "BIS Gallery Policy - Terms & Conditions"- but it's a great way to save some money and using images in your articles can really help to make your site look interesting.

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Lucie Laying On Her Back - Copyright © Business-In-Site (IMG-121)
Lucie Laying On Her Back - Copyright © Business-In-Site

One more thing - before we start receiving emails from Animal Welfare types concerning the (morbidly obese, overweight, mildly plump....) weight of one of the cats pictured in the Gallery ("Lucie") I think I should mention that Lucie cannot move around as much as most cats, as she only has 3 legs (I found her on a busy highway with horrific injuries, & the vet was unable to save her leg. We think that she may have been tortured & then thrown from a vehicle...) so she doesn't like to venture out much (....OK, she's a total Garfield & a couch potato, but we love her). But don't feel sorry for her, she can move like lightning when she wants to (ie: dinnertime...) and her & Sid (the Ginger Kitten/Cat) are the absolute best of friends.


Well, that's all for now. Take care,

K. Banting - BIS Admin