Agora Forum Security Vulnerability Free Update Patch AvailableAgora Forum Security Patch Available

Agora Forum v3.0.141 is a security release - A free patch is also available for Agora Forum from version 3.0.13 onwards.

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All users are urged to update / patch their Agora forum ASAP.

The free patch for Agora forum versions 3.0.13 onwards is available here:

Monday, 08 November 2010

"Today we announce the immediate availability of Agora Forum v3.0.141. Details on upgrading your forum to this release can be found in the User Manual - URL: . Since this release includes a security fix, we strongly recommend that all users upgrade immediately. Simply install this patch using the Joomla installer to apply the patch.

How to apply the security Patch: Simply install this patch using the Joomla installer to apply the patch..

 (Note: User Manual is now only available to subscribers of the commercial version of Agora - Agora is now commercial and is being sold / managed by AnythingDigital)

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Being as the User Manual now requires subscription to access, I've dug out & copied some information for our readers on how to upgrade Agora  in case anyone needs it, too - Regards, BIS Admin:


How to Update Agora Forum

In order to upgrade from Agora 3.0.x Stable to a newer Agora 3.0.x Stable version the installer will automatically migrate the database and replace all files. There is no need to uninstall or delete anything.

Warning for Agora Admins: If you have created customized files, including changes to layouts, these will be replaced. In order to maintain customized layouts, rename your template to something other than the default layouts supplied with Agora. NOTE: Always back up your site especially before making significant changes such as updating Agora.

Download Agora Patch

1. Go to:

2. Click Downloads

3. Click Agora 3.0x Olympus

4. Click Components

5. Select Download for the Latest version (Unless you are told otherwise)

6. Save the file to your computer (I'll Assume on Desktop)

Install Agora Patch

1. Log Into Joomla! Administration

2. Select Extension

3. Select Install/Uninstall

4. Click Browse next to Package File input box

5. Select the Agora Component File from you desktop

6. Select Upload File & Install

When completed you will see an information bar and some information regarding Agora

Verify Installation

After the install process there will be an informational page which will display information regarding the installation. The installer will verify permissions on required folders, and synch users with Joomla!

Please verify that all processes were completed successfully.