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Update On Our Site’s Progress, New Features, Articles

Update On Our Site’s Progress, New Features, Articles

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had two minutes to myself to write a new blog entry, so I thought I’d take some time today to write in our blog & bring our readers up to date on all the developments that have been going on behind the scenes lately….

Article - BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!

BIS Caught With Its Pants Down!!!

Well, it’s true – We’ve been caught with our pants down!, so to speak (….and I guess too if you’re reading this, then it means my upcoming article on catching readers attention with catchy, innovative titles has been validated… ) but I digress – back to the story of our recent embarrassment…..

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Welcome to BIS Blog!

Welcome to BIS Blog!, our brand-new blogging section on BIS Blog is where we will be posting our thoughts, views, comments, information and updates about various topics relevant to our readers, and where we will inform you of any new developments, special offers and other news relevant to the site…..

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